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Haptic Art LLC was originally founded by Harvard University undergraduates, who thought of an innovative way of employing 3D printing technology at the cross section of art and accessibility.


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Our team of modelers lead by Anthony DiMaggio and experienced in both art and 3D modeling, turn an image of a painting into a 3D printable computer relief model taking into account both artistic (color, depth) and accessibility issues.

Haptic Art LLC has partnered with 3D Systems Inc. for the 3D printing of the paintings' 3D models. With 3D Systems' years of experience in the field of 3D printing, we are able to deliver a high quality product to museums and other art institutions.


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The 3D printed reliefs of paintings can be utilized by art institutions in the context of two projects:

Midas Touch
Haptic Art’s 3D printed reliefs are added to the art institution’s accessibility section for the blind and visually impaired to meaningfully experience visual art.

Museum in the Dark
Haptic Art’s 3D printed reliefs can serve as part of a Museum in the Dark exhibition where people with vision can perceive paintings through the sense of touch in complete darkness.

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What to expect

Our service involves four simple steps:

The museum or other art institution provides us with high – quality images of a painting of interest.

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We create a 3D relief model of the painting and share it with the art institution at hand.

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We alter the 3D model according to the art institution’s feedback.

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The 3D model is 3D printed and sent to the museum to be put on display.